Margaret Kenyatta’s Lookalike Speaks Up on Attracting Public Attention

April 3, 2018

Whether you believe it or not, there is an age-old belief that somewhere on this planet there is someone who looks like you; your doppelganger.

In First Lady Margaret Kenyatta‘s case, her doppelganger is one Grace Elizabeth Mkabili who hails from Voi town.

Her almost close resemblance to the First Lady has made her a popular figure in her town. In fact, the 51-Year-Old has earned the nickname ‘First Lady’ and reportedly enjoys ‘special’ treatment.

She particularly stunned journalists during a Kenya Tourist Board trip to Voi where she was in attendance. Her light-skinned complexion, short hair, and height have been likened to that of Margaret Kenyatta.

Speaking to the Standard, Grace revealed that people often stop to ask her if she is related to the First Family. She said that some of her friends have nicknamed her ‘Margaret Kenyatta’.

I am a likeable person and mingle freely with people here. Most people are not convinced when I tell them I am not First Lady’s sister.  After I decided to shave my hair and dye it, every one said I was a carbon copy of the First Lady. The saloonist handed me the mirror and I was shocked to see that I resembled the first Lady,” she said.

She added that she once met the First Lady during the official handover ceremony of the first mobile clinic to the Beyond Zero campaign in Wundanyi, Taita Taveta.

“I was near the dais and I think some people she sat with, drew her attention to me as she waved to me. Of course, I was elated, ‘’ she narrated.

Despite being a staunch ODM supporter, Grace said she would love to take photos with her lookalike.

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