Gospel Star Bahati No Longer Allowed Near President Kenyatta and DP Ruto

April 10, 2018

Bahati appears to have dug his own grave when he ‘evicted’ President Uhuru Kenyatta from his official chair as the gospel star is no longer allowed anywhere near the two leaders.

The Award-winning singer has disclosed that he has since been barred from coming close to the Heads of State after the infamous incident during the launch of the Jubilee party in 2016 at Kasarani stadium.

During the incident, Bahati  ‘evicted’ President Uhuru Kenyatta from his official chair, sat on it and sang to first lady Margaret Kenyatta. He then did the same with Deputy President William Ruto.

As a result, the keyboard battalion waged war on Bahati claiming that he was disrespectful to the Presidency. But a poll conducted by Nairobi Wire to determine whether that was the case provided contrasting views.

Bahati disclosed that he has since been banned while speaking during an event graced by DP Ruto in Kirinyaga.

“Nowadays I can only wave to you from afar, I was told not to come near you during performances, but still, that’s okay,” said Bahati.

He added: “I’m still excited to sing in your presence and see you getting excited Bwana Deputy President.”

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