We are not sure if it is because of the cold weather, but some people’s “thirsts” have started showing on social media sites. This after KTN News presenter Betty Kyallo encountered a perverted fan on her Instagram page.

The news anchor’s charming looks are undeniably enchanting to many, but as with any marketplace, there is usually a mad person.

One such person commented on Betty’s Instagram page asking to see her boobs.

The Instagram user, identified as Sukhdeep, was watching Betty on Insta Live and posted: “Show me your boobs.”

A stunned Betty was lost for words as he told off the pervert.

She fired back: “I will not show you boobs that is very wrong. Get out of my page, Sukhdeep1257.”

She added: “As you can see the weirdos have now checked in. Why? Why would I show you boobs? I am not…anyway whatever its fine”