Watch: Size 8 Teaches Slay Queens How To “Piga Duster” and Still Slay

March 27, 2018

Because Size 8 has attained stardom status, everything she does now is enough to excite or infuriate netizens. This includes her recent clip on Instagram in which she can be seen doing basic chores.

In the short video, the singer who is clad in skinny jeans and a red top is seen cleaning a church the old-fashioned way using a rag otherwise popularly known as “Kupiga Duster.”

She even joked about it and captioned the clip: “When it’s your turn to clean the church but you still want to slay with the wig ???????? woi hii nywele si ya hii kazi ??????”

While her “down-to-earthness” in carrying out the intensive chore earned her praise, it is the fact that she did it wearing a wig that stunned her close to 1 million followers.

  • martinmanjoy wrote: “Uko church na umadance yenye si ya church. Halafu uslayqueen kando.”
  • namelesskenya commented: “Slay and clean!!!!!!”
  • mugabluez: “Yea hio nywele sio ya kazi ni ya farasi….”
  • linah_dave was impressed as she wrote: “Wow this is incredible love this keep it up honey???”
  • lisajerin added: “Doing GOD’S work is the greatest thing, you’re amazing ?”
  • wamwaurah warned Size 8 to: “Chunga usianguke kwa tiles. shika nywele na hairband my sister if you land on the floor sijui ni floor itakua ina slay ama niaje.”
  • marieshikz advised: “Hairband is 50/- bob tu.. kumbe u can do this….I mean ..Bend over while mopping.”
  • iamprings commented: @size8reborn wachilia nywele ifagie pia ?… Vitu za dunia hizi ?.. Cha muhimu ni uhai
  • akinyi.doti added: “This is so humbling thanks for posting this”

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