Papa Shirandula Actress “Kawira” Opens Up on Losing One of Her Triplets

March 6, 2018

“Papa Shirandula” actress Joy Karambu, otherwise known by her character name Kawira, has finally opened up on the loss of one of her triplets.

The popular actress and her husband, Ephantus Wahome welcomed the triplets on December 7, 2017. The babies were born two months prematurely, with one succumbing and the other two being placed in an incubator for one month.

The actress has revealed that the remaining two, a boy and a girl, are doing fine.

“My two babies, a son and daughter, were placed in an incubator for one month, where they were closely looked after by doctors at a city hospital. They, alongside me, were discharged from hospital after one month. I am glad the babies are doing fine, though it saddens me that we lost one, who was part of the triplets,” said Kawira.

She added: “They are growing quite fast. The only issue is that their sleeping patterns vary quite much, and so I have to stay awake a better part of the night looking after either of them.”

Pastor Wahome has also spoken up for the first time and expressed his joy at being a first time dad on social media.

He wrote: “I just wanna be that dad that my children would love to emulate, would strive to b a role model, mentor, and a loving daddy. I love and cherish every second with my wife. By the grace of God we are and shall be a strong couple that will raise them in a godly way.”

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