OMG: Man Douses 55-Year-Old Father With Petrol, Sets Him Ablaze

March 16, 2018

A bizarre incident in Bomet has left a 55-Year-Old man nursing serious burn injuries after he was set on fire by his son.

The man is said to have been attacked by the son as he enjoyed a snack at the family kiosk.

According to police, the son then proceeded to douse his father with petrol before setting him ablaze.

Bomet OCPD Samson Rukunga said the elderly man sustained serious body burns and was rushed to hospital with half his body having sustained burn wounds.

“When the father went out after getting a snack, the shop owner followed and poured some liquid we believe was petrol and lit him on fire,” said the OCPD.

The victim is recuperating at Tenwek Mission Hospital in Bomet.

It is still not clear what led to the incident.

The police boss said they arrested the suspect who is being held at Bomet Police Station for further investigations.

Rukunga added that property of unknown value was destroyed in the shop.

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