Ben Kangangi Sues Anerlisa Muigai For Defamation

March 28, 2018

Controversial city businessman Ben Kangangi has not taken too kindly to Anerlisa Muigai’s recent allegations on social media.

A little over a week ago, the apparent Keroche heiress accused Kangangi and controversial shylock Dennis Mwangeka of working together to defraud her. Ms Muigai had previously been sued by Mwangeka over a Sh.19 million loan she took on behalf of Ben Kangangi.

It’s amazing what malice can do to your name in a day. Straight to the point.BEN KANGANGI had been my friend for over 5 years and NOT my boyfriend as stated. We met in a circle of young entrepreneurs who interacted frequently, giving each other leads and support. Ben being brought up from Mathare by a single mum and managed to hassled his way up from Mathare, i respected that. Ben sold cars. I even reffered several friends to his car yard and within 2 years of interaction, I and other friends had even loaned him to expand his car business and he always paid back within a week or two. One morning Ben called me and told me that he needed 20M for a tender he had secured with the government to supply electrical cables. That evening he also submitted original documents which until now i have not understood how he managed to forge the documents, So I told him i could only give him 7M but for the other 13M, he had to borrow from elsewhere. 2 days later Ben told me that his friend knew a financier but the financer did not know Ben personally. The financer was also known for asking for heavy collateral which Ben did not have and since i had a stronger standing socially and businesswise, i could borrow money on his behalf. So i agreed to met the friend that Ben was talking about and i was introduced to DENNIS MOMBO MWANGEKA and in less than a week ” MWANANCHI CREDIT ” ( which is Dennis’s company ) had given me the whole amount on September 2015 without any security. I also mentioned that i was borrowing money on behalf of Ben Kangangi who i thought everyone knew but Dennis said he did not know him. After three days Dennis called me and said he needed security of two cars, i brought two cars that Ben Kangangi surrendered but Dennis said he would only be content if i gave him atleast one car under my name or my company name and that’s when i gave in my vehicle. So in the second week is when Dennis started demanding for his money as I had stated to return the money within a week. Ben had promised the same. Right away i started calling Ben but his phone went unanswered, all i was been told is that he was …….. READ THE WHOLE STORY FROM MY FACEBOOK anerlisa muigai

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Anerlisa’s allegations on social media have now landed her in more trouble with the law. This after Ben Kangangi moved to Court to accuse Anerlisa of defamation.

In Court papers seen by Nairobi Wire, Ben claims that Anerlisa’s social media posts regarding the Sh.19million loan she took “contain total falsehoods as pertains to him”.

“They were published with deliberate malice by the defendant who knows or ought to have known that the statements are not true. As a result, the Plaintiff has suffered loss in his transactions, loss of respect amongst his friends, business associates, family etc,”  the papers read in part.

“By the publication of the said online posts, the Plaintiff has been greatly injured in character and reputation as a consequence whereof the Plaintiff has been brought into grave public ridicule, scandal, odium and contempt in the eyes of right thinking members of the society.”

Kangangi, through a supporting affidavit, argues that he is an established businessman dealing in imports and sale of high-end automobiles, equipment, fashion apparel and interior designs materials through his trading company known as Benka Automobiles.

He claims to make an annual turnover of Sh100 million through these businesses with 7 employees working directly under him and another 30 indirectly.

According to Kangangi, he has not been in contact with Ms. Muigai since December 2015 despite being close friends for three years, a period during which they “used to spend considerable time together.”

He, however, clarifies that he has never dated the multi-billion shilling beer empire heiress.

Kangangi further states that though he knew of her debt with Mwananchi Credit as she had approached him to help her settle it, he could not do so at the time as he “had other pressing personal commitments.”

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The businessman also claims that Anerlisa asked him to accompany her to ask mother, Tabitha Karanja, to help her settle the loan but she refused.

After this incident, Kangangi says he was arrested on claims of fraud reported by Anerlisa Muigai’s father, Joseph Karanja.

“On Christmas Day 2015, I was called by a CID officer from Nairobi who informed me about a complaint lodged at the police alleging that I was involved in a fraudulent scheme that swindled Keroche Breweries Limited of Sh20million. I was informed that the complaint was lodged by the defendant’s father Joseph Karanja.”

Kangangi was then arrested and detained at Kileleshwa Police Station for two days and released on December 27, 2015, pending investigations into the complaint.

He was arrested again on January 2016 and was in police custody for a week after which he was released and his cash bail of Sh200,000 returned to him.

“The police informed me that from their investigations they had established that the defendant had been a victim of a scam known as ‘wash-wash’ where she lost her money and from their investigations, I was not in any way involved,” Kangangi said.

According to the papers drawn by Conrad Maloba and Associates and dated March 22, 2018, Ben Kangangi now wants the court to restrain Anerlisa from publishing any “further defamatory words” against him or his dealings.

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