After Wahu, Amani Turns Over a New Leaf and Gets Saved

February 16, 2018

Veteran Kenyan female musicians are giving their lives to Christ at an alarming rate! It started with Linet Munyali otherwise known as Size 8 who set the precedent over four years ago.

Then came Wahu’s shocker in November last year, with the former turning to gospel music in style by releasing her debut single; “Sifa.”

Last year also saw Cece Sagini jump ship to the gospel industry, saying it has been a long time coming.

Also joining the list of secular singers who have found salvation is Cecilia Wairimu, alias Amani. The songbird, whose music career started after she signed a record deal with Ogopa Deejays in 1999, has turned over a new leaf.

She made the revelation on Instagram yesterday, saying it’s been over a year since she got saved.

The ‘Kizunguzungu’ singer also shared a poster of an old Insyder magazine dated 2009 in which she graced the cover.

Reminiscing about how far she has come, Amani wrote: “Circa 2009…on the cover of the Insyder magazine…started that journey at an early age of 18…by this time I had gotten the hang of it.My passion for music thrust me into an Entrepreneurial world…was looking at a notebook the other day that had scripts, budgets, marketing plans…yes for my music.We just don’t wake up and sing ???…

I have turned on a new leaf I am now born again but I count it all joy…I learned so much and gained so much experience.”

Prior to the announcement, Amani, who is co-founder of Diva Hair, had been posting inspirational Bible quotes, a clear indication that she has since turned over a new leaf.

It now remains to be seen whether she will extend her salvation to her music. Keep it NairobiWire!

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