Jubilee MP Proposes Creation of Prime Minister’s Post, Seven-Year Presidential Term

February 28, 2018

Tiaty Member of Parliament Kassait Kamket has proposed the creation of a prime minister’s post in a new bill.

In the drafted Bill, the lawmaker wants the PM to have executive powers and be the leader of government business. He says the proposed post is to be filled by an elected MP.

“The Bill seeks the Constitution which will allow Parliament to provide for the position of Prime Minister, leader of the Opposition, and members of the shadow Cabinet,” he said.

The MP also proposes that the President should serve a single seven-year term with limited powers.

“It(Bill) seeks to amend the constitution to limit the president to a ceremonial role of Head of State and a symbol of national unity.”

The Bill further states that the President is to be elected in a joint sitting of Parliament convened on the first Thursday of December every seventh year. It notes that the President should not hold any elective or appointive office with political parties.

The former Baringo County Assembly Speaker also proposes a deletion of Article 132 of the Constitution that seeks to reduce the functions of the President.

“It is proposed that a candidate for election as President has attained the age of 50 years and he or she should not hold any political party post,” the Bill reads in part.

The lawmaker also proposes that the Deputy President post should be scrapped. “The Bill seeks to delete references to the deputy president,” it read.

Kamket further proposes the reintroduction of the leader of the Opposition and that the cabinet secretaries should also originate from Parliament. He also wants county assemblies to elect two senators each of the opposite gender.

The MP is today expected to appear before the Budget and Appropriations Committee chaired by Kikuyu MP Kimani Ichung’wa to look into the implication of the proposal.

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