‘Vindu Vihandsome’: New Bromance Between “Twins” DJ Mo and Martin Kimathi Sends Ladies Wild

January 16, 2018

Hide your girlfriends gentlemen, there is a new power duo on social media circles disturbing Kenyan girls’ peace.

Media personalities Samuel Muraya alias DJ Mo and Martin Kimathi have emerged as a formidable pair on the social networking site, Instagram. Over the last one month, the television presenters have been sending their followers into a state of confusion over their uncanny and striking resemblance.

The handsome duo has not made things easier for their followers’ confusion as they continue to fondly refer to each other as ‘bro.’ From what we gather, the award-winning gospel DJ is supposed to be the elder sibling, with the ‘Teen Republik’ show host taking after him.

We also understand the two might be working on something fashion-related after Kimathi captioned a pic with DJ Mo: “Cloth talk with Big Bro.”

About two weeks ago, DJ Mo posted their first picture together, writing: “Evening vibe with Ma bro Martin.”

Since then, the two have consistently continued to stun their followers with their undeniably good looks and stylish fashion sense.

The comments have been overwhelming with some followers believing that they are actually blood brothers.

The pics.

One Instagram user, Wangarijoys, wrote: “Vindu vihandsome eish”

sivs9671 joked: “Your father must have travelled.”

candyrozzie wrote: “You have a very handsome bro??”

tessy.swee: “Kai tutwins??????….. Mo ni mgani ata??????”

ruth_marsha: “Lazma tuchunguze hiyo maneno…mbna kufanana”

joy_mwangi_: “Hehe I didn’t know you two look alike.. I’m lost.”

m.kangethe added: “U guys way too hot.”

katelynlizbethgold: “Haiya! You too are brothers? God bless your mum…..eish.”

sheke_patricks: “Damn…y’all look soo much alike??”

annestellah: “Damn! wazazi waitwe mkutano”

junemweru: “Omg ? Twins haha blessed day to y’all too”

zakariawaweru challenged Dj Mo’s wife: “Haha @size8reborn chose your hubby tuone if you’ll get it right.”


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