PHOTOS- Actress Wilbroda’s ‘Love’ for Snakes and Crocs Scares Netizens

January 26, 2018

It appears celebrated actress Jacqueline Nyaminde, who is most notable for her Wilbroda role in ‘Papa Shirandula’, has bigger b*lls than Eric Omondi.

This is after she proved she is pure guts and steel when she posed with a huge African rock python around her neck. This she did during an excursion to the Crocodile and Snake Farm in Malindi a few days ago.

In addition to carrying the weight of the 25kg reptile on her shoulders, Nyaminde also ‘bonded’ with a live crocodile hatchling.

She shared the pictures on Instagram, sending shivers down the spines of her followers, with some noting that the radio personality has a particular liking for the reptiles. This is not the first time the actress has scared her followers with snakes.

Last year, she posted another cringe-worthy picture holding a bunch of snakes. Though hard to tell if they were real or toys, those of us with ophidiophobia could not stand the sight.

Media personality Massawe Japanni wrote: “Weirdo?.”

njeshqabbz added: “Jesus!??”

bettypritty asked: “Why do want me to break my phone?”

kipronohmoorgan speculated: “Ama kweli kuna mashetani???”

sala_maaa wrote: “Wewe your mad!! Wallah f****k that shit!! Mmh why is she not running? ????”

On her most recent post, the comments were more or less the same.

xariahmayy wrote: “Unapendanga izi jokes za nyoka…”

mcmwass asked: “What’s this about you and snakes..???”

raddyatiang confessed: “@nyaminde the thought of a reptile on my skin is too chilling. I would be scared to death.”

bellarh_kariuki shared her experience saying: “I like this I held a snake at malindi pia and it was frightening. Though iliniokoa I dnt do house chores for a week my aunt wouldn’t let snake hands touch her utensils.”

ezekielindongole commneted: “Kuna michezo zingine huwa sipendi kuziona”

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