How Octopizzo Plans to “Take” Late Parents to the Grammys After Getting Rare Invite

January 19, 2018

“Pizzo/Kibera to the world” is looking ‘realer’ than ever for Octopizzo after the rapper ‘copped’ himself a rare ticket to one of the most prestigious music awards ceremonies, The Grammys.

The rapper, fresh from opening his 2018 discography account with the trap anthem -Red Namba Plate, broke the news on social media yesterday.

According to Octo, this makes him the “first Kenyan Hiphop artist and probably 1first East African to be invited to the Grammys.”

Being such a huge milestone for the rapper who rapped his way out of Kibera slums, Octo intends to “take” his late folks to the international event.

He revealed on social media that he will rock a T-shirt printed with his parents’ image “in hope that mum & Dad will be in attendance.”

“Wish Mum & Paps were here so that I take them with me to the Grammys. 1st Kenyan Hiphop artist probably 1st East African to be invited to the Grammys. I’m wearing this T shirt to the Grammys in hope that mum & Dad will be in attendance. #iDidItForYouMama
They’ll never look down on us again!,” wrote the ‘Namba Nane’ rapper.

To that we say, “Ivo Ivo Ivo!” Good stuff!!

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