BFFs Timmy Tdat and Otile Brown Break Up After Exchanging Blows at Vanessa Mdee’s Party

January 30, 2018

Bossom buddies Timmy Tdat and Otile Brown have broken up. This is after the two high-flying artistes came to blows over the weekend during Vanessa Mdee’s bash in Nairobi.

As the story goes, the two singers who are riding high with their ‘Wembe’ mega-hit went for each other’s jugular on Sunday night.

The fight is said to have broken out shortly after Otile Brown stepped out to receive a phone call. He came back into the house and called Timmy T Dat aside when a heated exchange ensued.

According to sources, the heated exchange turned into blows at a parking lot before rapper Prezzo stepped in to stop the fight. He was, however, overpowered by the two forcing radio personality Shaffie Weru to also intervene.

It wasn’t immediately clear why they turned on each other but a source disclosed that; “all Otile kept saying was “Lazima watu waheshimiane.”

On Monday afternoon, it became apparent that the bromance between the two stars was over after they both shared telling posts on social media.

Timmy captioned a picture with lyrics from his latest hit – Kasayole, writing: “Kama una noma buda unaeza bring it. Si unajua place niko.”

Timmy also confirmed the fight, saying: “Eeeh ni kweli tulilimana but kenye ilihappen isha happen. Sitaki kuongelea hiyo stori. Nadrive, naeza pull over tuongee?”

While Otile Brown blurred out his newfound nemesis in a picture that was taken at Vanessa’s party. He captioned the picture: “Unfollow , wala sikosi hela .. ”

Some photos of the alleged fight.

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