Alleged Kayole Gaza Gang Members Shoot Dead Diplomatic Police Officer

January 10, 2018

A police officer attached to the Diplomatic Unit was Tuesday morning shot dead in Kayole by thugs believed to be members of notorious Gaza Gang.

The officer was shot twice in the head and on his right hand in an incident that left members of the public scampering for safety.

The thugs also stole the officer’s Jericho pistol.

According to witnesses, the officer was in uniform when he was attacked by three gangsters who were on a motorcycle.

Confirming the incident, Kayole police chief Joseph Gichangi said they were in pursuit of the thugs believed to be members of outlawed Gaza group.

“We will get them. They know well what they did,” he said yesterday.

The officer who was headed to work succumbed to his injuries while receiving treatment at the Modern Healthcare Hospital.

This is the first police killing to be reported this year. Last year, eight police officers were killed in different incidents with most of them losing their firearms.

According to police statistics, 80 members of the Gaza gang were killed last year alone.

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