Akorino Version of ‘Man’s Not Hot’ is Here and It Is The Funniest Thing You’ll Watch Today

January 25, 2018

At this very moment, I’m beginning to think that the stuff we Kenyans smoke is unfit for human consumption. How else would you explain this ‘Akorino’ version of last year’s global hit ‘Man’s Not Hot.’

The original ‘Man’s Not Hot’ was done by British funnyman Michael Dapaah, popularly known as Big Shaq. It instantly became a worldwide sensation and continues to garner views on Youtube. Currently, it has been viewed over 190,400,000 times.

As music composers and enthusiasts continue to release their covers of the song, a Kenyan Akorino faithful has come through with a creative rendition that no one saw coming.

The rendition has been done by one Tito Wagithomo Wa Roho and it is the funniest thing you’ll probably watch today. Gotta love Kenyans.

Check it out below.

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