VIDEO: Githeri Man Goes International, Featured on French TV

August 25, 2017

Martin Kamotho, fondly known as Githeri Man, is still collecting wins two weeks after he became an internet sensation.

The charismatic, githeri-loving man has now gone international after he was featured on a French based television station.

Mr Kamotho, who unknowingly charmed his way into the hearts of Kenyans, has also charmed his way into the news desk of French24.

Presenters at the 24-hour international news channel based in Paris spent a few minutes of their broadcast to highlight Githeri Man’s ‘heroism.’

And Githeri Man’s new found fame in France is partly due to the memes by Kenyans on Twitter as pointed out by the presenters.

Watch the clip below:


How GITHERI MAN Featured on International Media ??☺️

Posted by Front Page TV on Monday, August 21, 2017


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