Over the last couple of years, the Swahili language has gained a little prominence among foreigners. Nowadays, finding a foreigner who speaks Swahili is not a big deal like it was before.

However, it becomes a big deal when a foreigner picks up ‘odd’ Kenyan mannerisms such as those associated with public service vehicle conductors otherwise known locally as Makanga.

One Justin Bradford is the darling of Kenyan social media after he took over the ‘Snap254’ Snapchat account last week Wednesday.

He not only impressed Kenyans with his command of Swahili but with his accurate and hilarious depiction of Kenya’s Matatu culture.

Through a short clip doing rounds on the internet, Justin is seen shouting ‘Mbao Mbao’ at a train station in Oregon, USA.

What’s even funnier is how he looks out for the authorities.

Check it out below. SGR Imepata Makanga.

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