Government Freezes Rosemary Odinga’s Sh530m Bank Account

August 3, 2017

NGOs Coordination Board on Tuesday ordered the freezing of accounts belonging to an NGO associated with Rosemary Odinga.

Executive Director Fazul Mohamed addressed a letter to CBK Governor stating that the foundation, Key Empowerment Foundation Kenya, had received Sh530 million from George Soros Foundation.

“The purpose of this letter is, therefore, is to advise your office to immediately identify and mark for No Debit/No Credit accounts held under the name – The Key Empowerment Foundation Kenya – and initiate immediate preservation of all funds under held under the said Foundation within the next 24 hours effective the date of this communication,” stated the letter.

The Soros Foundation, named after its billionaire founder, supports individuals and organisations fighting for freedom of expression, transparency, accountable government, and societies that promote justice and equality across the globe.

Fazul Mahamed alleged the foundation opened and operates a number of illegal unauthorized bank accounts.

“The Financial Reporting Centre is requested to investigate a possible case of using the foundations’ bank accounts as a cover-up for money laundering and diversion of donor aid,” said Fazul.

According to Fazul, “the aid agency that funded the foundation is associated with Subterfuge political activities globally and nefarious regime change tactics.”

The board also argues that the funds from the foundation were meant to fund Raila Odinga’s campaigns.




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