KTN’s Str8Up Host Chero: This is What I’m Always Up To on Sundays

August 7, 2017

Born Carolyn Chero Oywa but known to many as Chero, the bubbly media personality hosts Str8Up which airs on KTN.

Chero was raised in the United States where she spent most of her teenage life. She returned to Kenya having cleared a course in medicine at the Montgomery College in Maryland.

She is married to David Oywa, and they have been together for almost 7 years. The husband is a designer who owns Positive Spaces Designs Service which mainly deals with interior designs.

Chero is also a doting mother to her three-year old son whom she likes to spoil on Sundays.

Speaking to Sunday Magazine, Chero revealed what a typical Sunday is like for her.

Sunday is the day…

I relax with friends and family and take my three-year-old-son for outings ajibambe!
Once I am up…

 I wash my face, brush my teeth, go out for a jog, shower and get ready. Then I make a yummy breakfast, get my son ready, eat and we are out the door!
If I could replace Sunday with any other day it would be…

A Monday. That is because it’s my second easy day to chill, bum and watch mindless TV. I also get my leg workout in.

What I love most about Sundays is…

The fact that the whole nation takes time out to be with their loved ones, whether it’s in church, a barbecue or eating out.

What I don’t like about Sundays is…

The days seem short because most people are working the next day.

Sunday menu?

My friends love home cooking so bhajias, biryani, marinated fried chicken, barbecue marinated pork and a nice bottle of wine to wash it all down with.

Rules I break on Sunday…

I eat anything. From fried foods, junky snacks, sugary desserts, sodas etc.

That one thing you have always wanted to do but haven’t done….

Go to church consistently!

Sunday activities include….

Family time.

Sunday tracks….

Any Spin Cycle mix. This is mostly old school 90’s kind of music.

A quote by Anthony Hopkins. “My philosophy is: it’s none of my business what people say of me and think of me. I am what I am and do what I do. I expect nothing and accept everything. And it makes life so much easier.”


My three-year-old son recite a Father’s day poem to his amazing dad for Father’s day. It is forever engraved in my heart.

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