Only in Kenya: This Woman Carried a Puppy on her Back to the Polling Station

August 11, 2017

Boy, haven’t we seen our fair share of Kenyans in their true element this election period?

A prime example is the Githeri Man. The 41-Year-Old father from Kayole, real name Martin Kamotho, demonstrated the true Kenyan spirit and in doing so, brought laughter and light moments at a time when we needed it the most.

We also saw the young patriotic family of three that stepped out in outfits with Kenyan colors top to bottom.

Also spotted at the polling stations was ‘Martin Luther King Jr’, believe it or not.

What’s evident about all these funny sightings is that Kenyan voters will almost do anything to carry out their civic duty.

We have lost count of the many men pictured with babies on their backs at various polling stations on Tuesday.

On the more desperate side of things, a woman turned up to cast her vote with a puppy on her back…I know, we also don’t know what to make of it but one thing is for sure, this is something you only see in Kenya. The same country that has brought us folks like Bungoma hangman.

You gotta love our ingenuity.



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