Ezekiel Mutua’s Facebook Account and Fan Page Hacked

August 10, 2017

Kenya Film Classification Board CEO Ezekiel Mutua has lost access to his official Facebook account and fan page.

According to the morality policeman, he first noted suspicious activity on his account on August 2 when a strange number mobile number was added to his account details.

Mr Mutua says he had been receiving warnings from Facebook on detected suspicious activities by people attempting to access his account from Turkey and Russia.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, Mutua distanced himself from any posts, images, or messages that might be posted by the hackers.

“As a firm believer in responsible use of social media and aware of the dangers cyber criminals can cause, I take this early opportunity to warn my friends and the public in general that my Facebook account, which has 5000 friends and more than 20000 followers, is currently in the hands of hackers and any messages that may be sent on the platform are not mine,” said Mutua.

He said he has reported the matter to the necessary Kenyan authorities and urges Facebook to expedite the recovery of the account.

Read his full statement below:

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