Watch Hilarious Video of ‘Joho’ Reacting to ‘Shahbal’s’ Manifesto as Hitler, ‘Betty Kyallo’ Featured

July 24, 2017

Adolf Hitler has struck again and this time there is a rather interesting twist.

Since 2015, some creative Kenyans have been remaking a viral clip of an angry Hitler reacting to various Kenyan issues.

Most recently, we saw him reacting to Waititu’s Win in Kiambu County.

Watch: Hilarious VIDEO: Hitler Reacts to Waititu’s Win in Kiambu

Now, the ever creative Kenyans have made the famous video showing Hitler as Mombasa governor Joho.

In the clip, the Sultan is reacting to his main rival Jubilee candidate Suleiman Shahbal’s plans for Mombasa. This funny video also sees ‘Betty Kyallo’ make an appearance.

This might be the funniest thing you’ll watch all week.

Watch below:

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