Tanzania Singer Mr Nice Addresses Allegations of Living in Poverty and Drug Abuse

July 6, 2017

Once again, veteran Tanzanian singer Lucas Mkenda alias Mr Nice has been forced to respond to malicious reports that he is wallowing in abject poverty.

According to the reports that surfaced on social media last weekend, the ‘Fagilia’ hitmaker is also abnormally lean and weak because of an undisclosed illness.

A concerned online user also took to a popular Facebook page to enquire: “Please allow me to digress just a little bit with permission from the admin. I am aware a lot of members here are journalists. Anyone based in Athi River/Mavoko? I am trying to trace ‘Mr Nice ‘; the Tanzanian musician. I understand he’s now a wreck, living in poverty and drug abuse. I am not sure he even has a phone from the things I’m reading. Anyone who can help me, please I’ll appreciate.”

But speaking to eDaily, Mr Nice dismissed those reports.

“Kaka, niko freshi kabisa! Hivi tunapozungumza niko kwangu hapa Nairobi; hata ndiyo naamka. Ni mwili tu ndio umechoka kwa sababu nilipiga show kubwa Mtito Andei last weekend. Unajua ili mtu achape show nzuri, lazima atumie nguvu nyingi sana.

“Hivi mimi ni kuchoka tu; si ati naugua ama ulofa umenimaliza kama vile watu wanvyosema katika mitandao ya kijamii. Na ningependa kusema kwamba wanaoneza uvumi huo ni mahaters tu; hawanitakii mema.” said Mr Nice.

Mr Nice in July, 2016 landed a mega one-year deal which has seen him hold performances across Kenya.

The singer’s deal dubbed 47 County Tour was sponsored by Soko Bay International Limited.

Additional Reporting by eDaily

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