Ruto: Why Uhuru and I Left Kalonzo’s House in a Hurry After Meeting With Jimmy Wanjigi

July 3, 2017

Deputy President William Ruto was on Sunday night hosted by Citizen TV’s Hussein Mohamed on Sunday Live.

It was a highly anticipated interview coming at a time of intense political activity, and just a week after both sides launched their manifestos.

To start the interview, Hussein dived right into the corruption debate. Ruto was taken to task on statements he has made about Nasa having no moral authority to talk about corruption. The topic of alleged chief financier of Nasa, Jimi Wanjigi also came up.

Kalonzo had this week stated that it was Ruto who actually introduced him to Jimi Wanjigi. But speaking on Sunday Live, Ruto said that it was Kalonzo who set up the meeting with the controversial wheeler dealer.

This alleged meeting is detailed in Kalonzo’s book, ‘Against all odds’, which Hussein did not hesitate to bring up.

“I clearly remember the night I felt betrayed by Uhuru and Ruto. This was the night our alliance died. We had agreed with Ruto that I would be on the presidential ticket with Uhuru as my running mate and he as the majority leader,” Hussein read a paragraph from the book.
“Then on that night, Uhuru and Ruto arrived at my home in the company of Jimi Wanjigi…”

“That’s a lot of nonsense,” Ruto replied.

You can watch that section from around minute 7:00 of part 1.

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When probed further about his connection to Jimi Wanjigi, Ruto said that Nasa would be better placed to answer.

But the DP was a bit forthcoming on the other details revealed in Kalonzo’s book. He said that Kalonzo was economical with the truth about what really transpired on that night of the said meeting.

According to Ruto, Uhuru and himself decided to stop further engagement with Kalonzo because he told them a very ‘weird and callous’ thing.

“He told us, gentlemen, why don’t you allow me to become president, in any case, you will be in jail for 10 years. After which when you come back, I will be through and you can take over from there.” Ruto said.

The DP further said that he had not planned on bringing up the issue until Kalonzo brought it up first.

“That is how we left Kalonzo Musyoka’s house in a hurry. Because we realized we’re not dealing with a friend.” he added.

Watch the entire interview in 3 parts below.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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