OMG! Woman Stabs and Kills her Newborn Baby Before Failed Suicide Attempt

July 12, 2017

Residents of Gilgil town are still reeling in shock after a 33-year-old woman stabbed and killed her newborn baby three times on Saturday.

The woman, thought to be suffering from depression, then turned the kitchen knife on herself in a failed suicide attempt.

According to Gilgil police boss Sarah Koki, the woman was rescued by neighbors and rushed to St Mary’s hospital.

She was bleeding profusely from her hands and chest.

According to a witness identified as Samuel Njeru, the woman was stressed and always under the watch of a relative.

He said the relative had just stepped outside when the woman turned on the six-month-old baby.

“On returning to the house the relative realised what had happened and started screaming attracting neighbours who moved in to assist,” said Njeru.

According to Sarah Koki, initial investigations indicated that the birth had affected the woman psychologically.

“Some women on giving birth suffer from post-natal depression and this could be one of the cases but investigations are going on,” she said.

“We have been briefed on the history, but we will rely on the medical report from medics to establish whether the woman will be arraigned in court.”


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