‘Mustafa is a Primitive Man.’ Prezzo Hits Back at Colonel

July 12, 2017

Kenya’s top male socialites Prezzo and Colonel Mustafa are at it once again.

Barely a month after Colonel Mustafa took the first shots, Prezzo has responded in kind saying his rival is struggling to find a breakthrough in his music career.

In May, Colonel Mustafa claimed that Prezzo’s ex-girlfriends end up with him because his bedroom skills are wanting. He made the claims while hinting at a liaison with Prezzo’s ex Michelle Yola.

“Basically, let’s say his game is down. When they come to me, they say that he has not been satisfying them sexually. I take up the job as a brother and make them happy,” said Mustafa who was also dating Prezzo’s other exes Joy and Huddah.

Speaking to Radio Citizen’s Mambo Mseto host, Willy M Tuva, recently, Prezzo claimed Mustafa is a primitive man whose music career has sunk into oblivion.

“That guy is a primitive man, who has a short memory. I am never inclined toward battling him. Though, I understand his troubles. He wants to get back on his feet musically, but he is finding it to be very difficult. No one listens to his music, no one understands his music. Instead of politely approaching and requesting me – the king – to help him revive his career, which is headed for the abyss, he resorts to beefing.

 “He should not beef with me to gain popularity. At my age, the music that I produce is top quality. I do not release songs such as Dodoma Singida. If he learns some manners, I will certainly boost him in his career. Moustapha is not a man I would fight; I would only undo my belt and whip him seriously. After he learns some manners, I would offer to help him find his feet,” said CMB Prezzo.


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