Khaligraph Jones Responds to Claims of Sabotaging Kenyan Artists by Taking Low Pay

July 18, 2017

Khaligraph Jones has dispelled rumors that he is sabotaging the local music industry by accepting lower pay for performances.

In response, the ‘Micadsa Sucasa’ rapper reportedly said he cannot ruin a merket he has worked hard for.

‘I’m an A-list artiste, a lot of people look up to me, so I’m not going to accept peanuts just because it’s quick money to get. There are upcoming artistes who also want to make money, so if I end up taking peanuts, what will they be paid?” he told the Star.

He described the reports as non-credible news, saying he hasn’t allowed anybody to know any of his moves.

 “I do my things secretly. Nobody knows where I live or what my next step is. I’m not all over. You can’t see me in clubs drinking. Whoever said that, instead of yapping that nonsense, you should be out in the studio men.”
Speaking about his relationship with Cashy, Khali claimed she is his ‘ride or die chick.’
“She is my girl. Period. I was raised in a family where we value family. I’m not one of these local superstars tapping a lot of hoes out here from everywhere. If I commit to one girl, that is the girl I’m going to roll with. You won’t see Khaligraph was with multiple partners. If it is a girl I like, I will protect her from bullshit. That’s why after our collabo, you’ve not seen her. She does what I tell her to do.”

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