The Hottest Stories on the Internet Today (Wednesday July 5)

July 5, 2017

These are the stories making headlines in the world today.

How did $12 million bridge collapse in Kenya?

Just two weeks after an “inspection” by President Uhuru Kenyatta, a $12 million Chinese-built Sigiri bridge in Western Kenya collapsed before it was completed. Built by the Chinese Overseas Construction and Engineering Company in Busia County, the bridge connects a region that has historically lacked government investment and development.

North Korea fires missile into waters off Japan

The projectile may have landed in Japan’s Exclusive Economic Zone, which extends 200 nautical miles from its coastline, Takahiro Hirano, Public Affairs Officer from Japan’s Ministry of Defense told CNN. The launch comes just after US President Donald Trump spoke to the leaders of both China and Japan, two important regional actors in the ongoing standoff with Pyongyang over its nuclear ambitions.

Emmanuel Macron assassination plot foiled by police

Spokeswoman Agnès Thibault-Lecuivre told CNN a 23-year-old suspect had been arrested. Investigators said the man planned to attack Macron on July 14, during an parade on the Champs-Élysées in Paris, where President Trump is set to be a guest of honor, according to public service radio broadcaster, France Info.

Refugee: ‘I no longer feel secure’ in Germany

“I could not keep silent,” he says. “What really shocked me was that no one did anything. I simply felt I had to say something.” Naem began filming the confrontation on his mobile phone — drawing the attention, and the anger, of the man’s attackers. In retaliation, they turned on him.

China gives world rare look at aircraft carrier with Hong Kong port call

The Liaoning will dock in Hong Kong on Saturday July 7, in one of the largest symbolic displays of Chinese military force in the former British territory since it returned to Chinese rule in 1997. Thousands of Hong Kong residents queued Monday for a chance to get one of 2,000 tickets being offered for tours on board the ship, which carries fighter jets and helicopters.

Qatar delivers response to demands from Saudi-led bloc

This is the latest development in the rift between Qatar and four Arab states. Envoys worked steadily this weekend to tackle the crisis, a surprising rupture that began last month and spawned diplomatic tensions throughout the region.

Obama touts Paris accord despite ‘temporary absence of US leadership’

“The Paris agreement, even with the temporary absence of US leadership, will still be a critical factor in helping our children solve the enormous challenge in civilization,” Obama said at a Seoul conference organized by South Korea’s Chosun Ilbo media group.

China and India in war of words over Bhutan border dispute

Described by the Indian government as a ” significant change of status quo with serious security implications for India,” the controversial road runs through the disputed Doklam Plateau, on the unmarked border between China and Bhutan. Though not a part of Indian territory, the plateau holds immense strategic importance for Delhi and is vital to its geopolitical interests.

Poll: Majority of US says civility declined

More than eight in 10 Democrats say the civility of discourse has gotten worse since Trump’s election, and 65% of Republicans say civility between their party and the Democrats has declined during the same time period. Seventy percent of independents share the same view.

Los Angeles’ skyline just got taller

At 1,100 feet, the new structure stands slightly above the 1,018-foot US Bank Tower — previously the tallest skyscraper in the city. The Wilshire Grand Center’s 73 stories will be split between a hotel and commercial space.

David Ndii Declares ”Kenya Will Burn if Uhuru Wins Another Sham Election”

The war drums have started, and as usual the culprits are people with the financial means to flee the country at the first sign of trouble. Self-proclaimed public intellectual and economist David Ndii has now announced a gloomy future for Kenya, if Uhuru Kenyatta is declared winner in ‘another sham election’.

Larry Madowo and Ekuru Aukot in War of Words Over Ekuru’s ‘Mammoth Crowd’ in Naivasha

In case he was wondering, Ekuru Aukot has now confirmed that Larry Madowo is not a fan. The presidential candidate, currently doing extremely badly in the polls, was involved in a war of words on Twitter with the NTV presenter. It started when Madowo tweeted pictures of Ekuru’s rally in Naivasha.

Watch: Anne Kiguta Snaps at David Ndii for ‘Belittling’ Her

Nasa chief economist and rumoured Treasury Cabinet Secretary under Raila Odinga, David Ndii, was on Citizen TV on Monday night. Anne Kiguta was initially supposed to host Musalia Mudavadi but he was a no-show. Dr. Ndii is believed to have been the main brain behind the Nasa manifesto, and he is therefore an obvious choice when it comes to explaining and defending it on TV.

Ex-British Soldier who Saved 200 in Westgate Terror Attack Shot Twice During Ambush in Nairobi

A former Special Forces commando who was awarded the George Cross for saving 200 people in the Westgate Mall terror attack has been shot in a gun battle with two attackers. Dominic Troulan, 54, was accosted by the two gunmen on a motorbike while walking in a Nairobi suburb.

Nakumatt TRM in Trouble Over Sh51 Million Rent Arrears.. Full List of Items Collected by Landlord

Things are thick in the Nakumatt empire. By now, everyone knows that the once giant supermarket is experiencing serious financial issues. This has even led to talk of an impending collapse. Over the weekend, it was announced that 3 branches in Uganda were shut down by their landlords.

KFC’s mission to send a chicken sandwich to the edge of space comes to an early end

The spicy chicken sandwich has landed. A mission in which KFC, along with private spaceflight company World View, launched a Zinger sandwich into the stratosphere lasted only 17 hours-far short of its four-day goal. World View landed its “Stratollite” early because of a small leak in its altitude control balloon system.

Stephen Hawking is wrong about runaway greenhouse on Earth and here’s why

Stephen Hawking is a world-renowned theoretical physicist whose landmark contributions to cosmology, general relativity and quantum gravity changed the way we see the universe. However, when it comes to climate change, the brilliant physicist is veering on the edge of total inaccuracy.

Whole Foods recalls chicken salad for not containing … chicken

Looks like Whole Foods is back in the news-and this time, Amazon has nothing to do with it. The grocery giant sent shoppers a recall alert for approximately 404 pounds of “buffalo style chicken salad” for actually being … tuna salad. How do you know if your salad is included in the recall?

Lost dog happily reunited with family after being found 200 miles from home

Being lost is a scary feeling, but imagine if you were a lost doggo away from your family. Though it must have been terrifying, one brave pet stayed strong while away from home for five months. A police officer from the Pembroke Pines Police Department in Florida found a lost little Pomeranian on the side of the road earlier this month.

8 Years, 2 Presidents, And A Whole Different World

GIARDINI NAXOS, Italy ― It was the cab driver’s last trip of the evening, close to midnight, running me from the G-7 summit press filing center to my hotel a few miles away, and as he sped down the deserted streets we made small talk about that day’s meetings.

Theater Goes Nuts As Hillary Clinton Appears In The Audience

If she was looking for a quiet night on the town, she must have been wildly disappointed. Hillary Clinton received a standing ovation as she and former President Bill Clinton made their way to their seats for a performance of the Tony Award-winning play “Oslo” in New York City on Sunday night.

Donald Trump Tweets U.S. ‘Would Be Delighted’ To Help Terminally Ill U.K. Infant

WASHINGTON ― President Donald Trump said Monday that the U.S. “would be delighted” to help a terminally ill 10-month-old from the United Kingdom “if we can.”

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