Larry Madowo and Ekuru Aukot in War of Words Over Ekuru’s ‘Mammoth Crowd’ in Naivasha

July 4, 2017

In case he was wondering, Ekuru Aukot has now confirmed that Larry Madowo is not a fan. The presidential candidate, currently doing extremely badly in the polls, was involved in a war of words on Twitter with the NTV presenter.

It started when Madowo tweeted pictures of Ekuru’s rally in Naivasha. The rally attracted a crowd probably smaller than a street preacher or acrobat. Larry however decided to unleash his sarcasm, calling it a ‘mammoth crowd’.

”Presidential candidate Dr Ekuru Aukot addresses a mammoth crowd in Naivasha in his first public rally,” he tweeted alongside these pictures.

While Larry’s supporters were laughing at the tweet, Ekuru was not.

Hours later, Ekuru struck back through an extensive tweet-storm. He called Madowo a ‘socialite fake journalist’, ‘Mr. Valentine’s day pranks’ and a clown.

”It’s no doubt that the “socialite fake journalist” @LarryMadowo is ignorant of facts about leadership.” he tweeted.

He also retweeted a series of tweets that he agreed with.

For a man running for president, he does have a lot of time on his hands.

Initially, Madowo had tried to find a middle ground..

But when that did not work, he decided to fight fire with fire.

That’s where I left the drama. I’m not sure if it continued.

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