“It Hasn’t Been Easy Attending Church Regularly.” Otile Brown on How He Spends his Sundays

July 3, 2017

He is fondly referred to as Kenya’s John Legend but singer Otile Brown is keen not to let that get into his head. The Mombasa born R&B hitmaker has been one of the most consistent hitmakers in the country, and he is not about to slow down anytime soon.

When he is not releasing music, Otile Brown runs a ladies’ shoe business in the city center making him a busy bee throughout the week.

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He spoke to Sunday Magazine about how he unwinds on a typical Sunday.

Sunday is the day…

I relax at home and listen to music, watch music shows on MTV or check out new music on YouTube.

This however only happens when I don’t have a recording session or a performance.

Once I am up…

I say a short prayer, check my social media pages and email, take a shower or freshen up then settle down for breakfast.

If I could replace Sunday with any other day it would be…..

A Tuesday. That’s when I’m usually in my full element and very fired up with whatever I had planned for the week.

What I love most about Sundays….

Is the quiet. It is a good time to meditate and plan for the coming week.

What I don’t like about Sundays….

Is how slow it is. Sometimes I might have something related to my business or music but I have to wait until Monday for me to do it or delegate.

Sunday menu?

Is varied but mostly full of starch and proteins as I am a health enthusiast.

Rules I break on Sundays?

I wear shorts because I am indoors. Very few people have seen me in shorts.

That one thing I have always wanted to do but haven’t done?

Attend church regularly. It hasn’t been easy though.

Sunday activities include….

Catching up on what happened during the week, watching a movie or going out for lunch in a mall near home.


A quote : “Everybody wants to look cool. Everybody wants to be on the winning side. Judge only from the truth.”


A simple but important quip; “It’s never that serious!”


A YouTube video of a lady who stood up in one of Kenya’s standup comedy shows and scolded one comedian who was making fun of Kenyan musicians.

He had made a lame joke insinuating that our industry was way below standard compared to other African countries. I’ll look for the lady and buy her dinner.

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