Gospel Singer Janet Otieno: What Men Should Know About Women

July 3, 2017

Gospel singer Janet Otieno has shared her nuggets of wisdom on where men sometimes go wrong with regards to treating their wives.

Janet says the best reward men can give to wives who commit diligently to their husbands is unconditional, endless love.

“Sometimes husbands get a lot of money and they fail to take good care of their wives. Instead, they shower other women with gifts and money. This thing that men really need to know: I am going to talk on behalf of women right now. We (wives) wake up in the morning and you see me putting on stockings on my hair, just to go make you breakfast, to iron your suit, polish your shoes; and I just want to see you looking good and so handsome when you leave the house. And you go to the office and meet this lady who has her makeup on, she looks so exquisite on her high heels, and her long nails well manicured. She looks so beautiful to you, and you start comparing her to your wife back at home.

“Remember your wife woke up early, looking quite unattractive just to make you look good. And when you meet the other woman who probably left her husband at home complaining about how uncaring his wife is, and you tend to think she is the best for you; you forget your wife at home…

“Let me tell you, the one whom you left at home – looking way below striking – is the best! Only that men often do not know. If only they could stick by the one at home… The only thing that we ladies need from men is the love. I submit to you and you show me the love; and everything will be fine.” said Janet as quoted by eDaily.

Having been married for two decades, Janet reckons God and communication are two of the most important ingredients for a successful marriage.

“I have been married for the last 20 years. The top ingredient of a successful marriage is God. He must be involved in it. Where there is God, there is always a solution. I won’t say we have not had our differences.  We have them. However, the way we solve them matters a lot.

 Second, communication is key in marriage. For us to be quarreling about some things that I did or I did not do means there was no good communication. If your communication can be open, then your union is safe. I may want you to buy me a KSh20, 000 dress that I saw somewhere. And in your pocket you have only KSh2, 000. And because I don’t know what you have in your pocket, I will persist to own the KSh20, 000 dress. You will be looking at me like: ‘Is she for real?’ Bottom-line: men should communicate their financial stretch, challenges and abilities openly.”
-Additional Reporting on eDaily

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