Comedy Gold: This Re-enactment of Nairobi Gubernatorial Debate Will Leave You in Tears (VIDEO)

July 11, 2017

When KTN announced that they would be hosting a Nairobi gubernatorial debate, there was only one outcome expected. Miguna Miguna would tear apart his competitors with reckless abandon.

One by one, the controversial independent candidate tore them apart. He told of their scandals, past and present, and in some instances had supporting documents (or as Kenyans call them, receipts).

Even Peter Kenneth who until recently was believed to be very ‘clean’ turned out to have quite some skeletons.

Miguna had an answer for every counter strike apart from one. Senator Mike Sonko dared him to remove his cap to reveal a huge scar, and this visibly took the always confident lawyer by surprise.

Now, some comedians have come together and ‘re-enacted’ this debate adding some hilarious twists. This is comedy at its best.


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