City Blogger who was Reported Missing Found in Hospital After Stabbing in the City Centre

July 4, 2017

A Nairobi-based blogger who went missing last Saturday night has been found at a city hospital with stab wounds.

Susan Mukami was reported missing by her sister after a distress call on Saturday night. In a Facebook post by her sister, Ms Mukami made the call at around 9 pm.

She was found at the Nairobi Women Hospital on Sunday evening having survived a mugging that left her with stab wounds.

According to a friend who visited her in hospital, Mukami was on her way back to the city center when muggers attacked and stabbed her between Khoja Stage and Odeon Cinema, along Tom Mboya street.

Her assailants made away with her belongings and left her to bleed out in the middle of the road.

Mukami is a content writer for Potentash.com, a blog that publishes fiction, technology, finance, entertainment, lifestyle features and product reviews.

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