Cigarette Butts Collected from Lawyer Willie Kimani Murder Scene Linked to Police Informer

July 20, 2017
Police informer Peter Ngugi Kamau during the hearing of lawyer Willie Kimani murder case at Milimani law court on Tuesday.Photo Courtesy

Cigarette butts recovered from the murder scene of lawyer Willie Kimani, his client Josphat Mwenda and taxi driver Joseph Muiruri have been linked to one of the suspects.

Dr Joseph Kagunda Kimani, an analyst from the Government Chemist, said five cigarette butts found in an open field in Mlolongo match the DNA profiles of police informer, Peter Ngugi Kamau.

The expert on Tuesday told the trial court that the cigarette butts could not have come from anyone else but Ngugi.

Dr Kimani confirmed to Justice Jessie Lesiit that the DNA can only be that of Mr Kamau “unless he has an identical twin brother”.

He said he received close to 70 items, including water bottles, clothes, cigarette butts, juice cans and wooden sticks from the officer investigating the case.

The expert further told the court that a bottle containing partially consumed mango juice contained Mr Mwenda’s DNA.

The hearing resumed yesterday.

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