Bahati’s Baby Mama Opens Up About Diana Marua and the Couple’s Upcoming Wedding

July 25, 2017

Bahati’s baby mama, Kisha Yvette Obura has opened up about her current relationship with the singer and his fiancee Diana Marua.

Yvette, who was thrust into the limelight following Bahati’s shocking revelation of their daughter, told Word Is:  “At first things were hard to deal with, especially at work and with family. You can imagine your boss seeing you in the papers with too much negativity thrown at you, but I thank God because everyone was so understanding. At the moment, I choose to live my life and just let everything slide. I mean just because I am Bahati’s baby mama doesn’t make me different from any other mother.”

She said she is currently engaged but has a solid co-parenting arrangement with the gospel whiz kid.

“Funny enough, my baby calls my fiancé uncle. She doesn’t call anyone else ‘Baba’. She loves him too much that I get scared at times… She’s always like ‘Mama wapi baba? Mimi taka baba!'”

She added that the attention she has been subjected to has sometimes been too much to handle for her fiance.

“He’s an easy and understanding man. That’s the goodness but he is human. You know, sometimes he’s like, ‘Babe this is too much to handle’ and I feel him, so maybe it’s high time for all this to stop,” said Yvette.

Asked if she is in talking terms with Bahati’s fiancee Diana Marua, Yvette said: “Mmmh, not really, but we don’t have any kind of beef, I believe.”

She defended Diana’s move to post a photo of her daughter, Mueni, saying: “I believe she had the best intentions at heart. At the end of the day she’s like Mueni’s other mum and so I’m easy.”

On whether she has been invited to Bahati’s wedding in August, Yvette said, “I really don’t follow up on his private life, so if he’s doing a wedding, I’m happy for them. Marriage is a blessing, you know.”

Her parting shot?

“The only thing I really want right now is for bloggers to stop following me around and quoting me from my social media posts every now and then. It’s just not right… Especially quoting stuff that makes people think I’m beefing or hating. I mean, I am just like any other momma whose got to live her life away from critics, bullying and everything, and in as much as the media is trying to portray a bad image, on the other side, we are co-parenting well and with lots of respect. So the media just has to stop. I mean, there’s nothing else left to do, right? And oh, they should stop with all this ‘Bahati’s baby momma’ name. I guess by now they know my name.”

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