Akothee Has Not Gone Mad! She Has Been Doing Something Amazing for Single Mothers

July 21, 2017

Whether you would like to admit it or not, you did believe that Akothee had gone mad. We don’t blame you! That’s the power of fake news which we keep telling you about. It is also what happens when you read other blogs other than Nairobi Wire.

Last week, news of Akothee going bonkers spread like wild fire after a clip(watch above) emerged online showing the singer acting out an emotional scene in Mombasa.

Some bloggers even reported that Akothee had disobeyed the Illuminati and as a result, going mad was her punishment. SMH!

The rumors were neither helped by Akothee’s absence on her social media platforms nor by the photos below.

The truth of the matter is that Akothee has been working on her new single. The viral video and the photos are outtakes from her new music video for ‘Baby Daddy.’

The viral video, however, did not make it to the final version released on Wednesday.

Produced by HerbertSkillz SoundMakers, ‘Baby Daddy’ is arguably Akothee’s best work to date. It is a moving song about the plight of single mothers at the hands of dead beat dads.

The video by OneMontage Films tells the story of a single mother(played by Akothee) who struggles in the village while the father of her kids pops bottles in the city with young girls.

Akothee’s well-known experience with baby daddies appears to have inspired ‘Baby Daddy’ to make the song relatable to a lot of women.

In less than 24 hours, the video had amassed over 51K views on Youtube.

Watch it below:

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