Revered media personality Karen Knaust Karimi has moved to stop rumors that she is expecting from spreading.

The former K24 presenter took to social media recently to address a picture which appeared to showed her spotting a baby bump.

Karen, now a wildlife blogger and reporter, blamed the illusion on a dress she was wearing at a recent event.

She wrote: ‘’Before any of u make any assumptions I’m not Pregnant!!!! It was a flowing short dress. 

The German/Kenyan media personality quit Media Max in March this year.

She is set to relocate to the Middle East where her fiancé works and resides.

“I am glad my then-colleagues and bosses at Mediamax supported my decision to leave the station for greater things. I was not moving to another TV station. I have plans of fully relocating to the Middle East in a few months’ time,” said Karen Karimi in a past interview.

Her fiance is a pilot who works for a Middle East airline.

They had planned to wed in August but they have since decided to wait until after the August 8 general election.