Robert Alai: Poverty is the Odinga’s Family’s Business and Raila Should Grow Up

June 16, 2017

Robert Alai has launched another scathing attack on opposition leader Raila Odinga.

The blogger, who had for many years been one of Raila’s biggest supporters, even getting in trouble with the law for it, has in recent months switched sides and declared that Raila will never be President of Kenya.

As a result, he has been getting a lot of stick from Nasa supporters who claim he is getting a monthly Sh200,000 paycheck from Jubilee.

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In his latest attack on Raila Odinga, Alai echoes Jubilee secretary-general Raphael Tuju’s recent jibe that Raila should grow up.

Tuju was addressing claims Mr Odinga made on Tuesday that President Uhuru Kenyatta influenced the award of a tender by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) to Dubai-based Al Ghurair for printing ballot papers to be used in the August 8 General Election.

“We are really tired of tantrums from Raila. He should grow up. Because those tantrums were there in 2007. I was in government then. There was an attempt to even change the ECK that time of the late [Samuel] Kivuitu. They refused. They said they wanted Kivuitu because they had won the referendum in 2005. So, that is the one they wanted. When they lost in 2007, then Kivuitu was bad,” said Tuju.

Robert Alai, in his attack on his popular Facebook page, faulted Raila for insulting Tuju and claimed that poverty is the Odinga’s family’s business.

Here’s the post

Raila should GROW UP. Yes!!! I said it.

If Raila is your god who you think shouldn’t be told to GROW UP then know that you are in for a big surprise. Tuju is not a candidate for the presidency. Insulting Tuju is not one thing voters consider when electing a leader.

Raila’s supporters are a clear indicator on why RAILA must never be allowed anywhere near the Presidency. They are too arrogant, abrasive and full of themselves that given a chance, they might terrorise Kenyans like Magufuli is terrorising Tanzanians. The people in Tanzania thought that Magufuli is a reformer, now he has jailed key leaders and journalists just for questioning his actions and inactions.

The same is true of Raila. Given a small chance in the grand coalition government, it was the immediate and extend family of Raila who benefited. Poverty is the Odinga’s family’s business. They will incite the Luos against all and it brings them enough money during political campaigns.

There is no plans by Raila to mentor and positively influence the region which has stood with him and his family through thick and thin. The Luos must wake up.

If Kikuyus have dominated the Kenyan leadership since independence, realise that the Luos might be considered to have dominated the opposition leadership. Do we have anything to show for it? How many of our sons and daughters have been maimed and killed for the Odingas to be where they are? How many of the Odinga family were killed? NONE!!

LUOS have been killed for the Odinga family to be influential. None of those in the Odinga family are dead or were maimed for them to be where they are. Luos OWE the Odinga family NOTHING!!! The Odinga family owes Luos EVERYTHING.


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