Robert Alai: Jubilee is Not Paying Me a Measly Sh200,000

May 3, 2017

Robert Alai has been receiving a lot of stick recently for his anti-Nasa stand.

The blogger, who had for many years been one of Raila’s biggest supporters, even getting in trouble with the law for it, has in recent months switched sides and declared that Raila will never be President of Kenya.

Nasa supporters have now concluded that Alai has been paid by Jubilee. On Friday, one Anwar Saddat posted a detailed breakdown of Alai’s ‘new salary’.

This forced Alai to reply, saying that Sh200,000 is too little for him and cannot even pay his bills for 2 weeks. Here’s the post.

I am past waking up for someone to pay me Ksh 200,000. I overtook that measly payout more than 7 years ago. That money can’t even pay my bills for 2 weeks.

That’s why I could support Raila from 2002 to 2016 without asking him for a single cent.

Anyone saying that I got a job paying me Ksh 200,000 is just spewing the desperate insults of Raila’s supporters. I can’t be employed to get paid that.

I’d rather start a village kiosk.

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