Baby Dead for 3 Days ‘Resurrects’ Just Minutes Before Burial

June 19, 2017
Photo: the Star

There was shock and disbelief in Mbondoni village, Mwingi, when an infant thought to be dead ‘resurrected’. All burial preparations were complete before the one-month old baby roared back to life.

Some women dressing the infant for the burial were first to notice a change in temperature, before the baby coughed out of no where.

Some of the mourners gathered fled when they heard the news of the resurrection.

The baby ‘died’ three days ago after a sudden sickness, and according to a relative identified as Major Mwenga, all preparations to give her a proper send off were complete. The grave was already dug.

“After the baby girl regained life, we rushed her to a nearby hospital. We have already informed the authorities about the same,” he said.

A banana trunk was buried in the grave in line with Kamba traditions.

Only God knows how many people Africans have buried alive.

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