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June 20, 2017

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Man arrested after ‘van ploughs into people’ outside London mosque

A van ploughed into a crowd on Seven Sisters Road near Finsbury Park Mosque in London at around 12.20am One person was confirmed dead at the scene, eight were rushed to hospital and two suffered minor injuries Muslims were leaving taraweeh, late night prayers observed during the festival of Ramadan

‘I’m very proud of what I’ve done – kill me, kill me’:

The man is held by a police officer as an angry crowd gathers behind He is suspected in the attack that injured at least ten near Finsbury Park mosque Angry shouts can be heard in the background as pedestrians accuse him This is the moment the alleged driver of the van that ploughed into pedestrians outside Finsbury Park mosque was loaded away by police .

How boy, 9, became youngest Grenfell Tower hero

Amiel Miller, nine, lived on 17th floor of Grenfell Tower with his mum and brother He woke up after smelling smoke and saw flames outside his bedroom window Brave Amiel ran into his parents’ room and said: ‘Mum, I think there’s a fire’ Met Police revealed that the official number of people missing and presumed dead – currently 79 – is expected to rise following searches of the wreckage A hero nine-year-old boy saved his entire family from the Grenfell Tower blaze after waking up and smelling smoke, telling his parents: ‘Mum, I think there’s a fire.’

Hilarious photographs show the secret to a successful marriage

Some couples really are meant to be – and their shared sense of humour proves it Bored Panda has compiled hilarious pictures of couples pranking one another Capture the inside jokes that are part and parcel of married life The couple that laughs together, stays together, or so the saying goes.

Finsbury Park: Casualties as car drives into pedestrians in north London

Emergency services are attending a number of casualties after a vehicle hit pedestrians in Finsbury Park, north London. Follow live updates here.

Trump defiant as pressure grows

The investigation has taken a serious turn in recent days, raising the clear possibility that whether Mueller finds wrongdoing or not, a period of political stress and upheaval is inevitable. Trump appears willing to test the bounds of convention and his own powers against a legal and political establishment that he believes is conspiring against him.

The secret negotiations behind the Hong Kong handover

Between them, a tiny twin flagpole bore the standards of the United Kingdom and the People’s Republic of China. The crowd behind applauded as British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and Chinese Premier Zhao Ziyang signed large red-bound documents with black fountain pens and then shook hands.

Macron on course for majority in French parliament

With 97% of the vote in, Macron’s La Republique En Marche party had won 300 seats. Its political ally, the Mouvement Démocrate, MoDem, won 41 seats. That margin of victory would give Macron, a pro-European centrist, the large majority he craves to further his political revolution — and would inflict a further blow on the country’s traditional ruling parties.

Baby born on flight to India gets free plane tickets for life

Jet Airways said it will give free flight tickets for life to a boy who was born on one of its flights between Saudi Arabia and India. The child’s mother — whose identity the airline didn’t reveal out of respect for her privacy — went into labor prematurely on Sunday at an altitude of 35,000 feet, Jet Airways said.

A veggie by any other name may actually get eaten

Putting descriptive indulgent words in front of vegetables — such as “dynamite,” “rich,” ” sweet sizzlin’ ” and “tangy” — may help adults take and eat more of the food group, according to a study published this week.

Resort Outside Mali’s Capital Under Attack

BAMAKO, June 18 (Reuters) – A luxury resort popular with Western expatriates outside Mali’s capital Bamako came under attack by gunmen on Sunday, the Security Ministry said. Gunmen stormed Le Campement Kangaba in Dougourakoro, to the east of the capital Bamako, a resort foreign residents often visit for weekend breaks.

How Obama Won The French Election

French President Emmanuel Macron’s party, La Republique En Marche, won a resounding victory Sunday in the final round of the country’s parliamentary elections, gaining a commanding majority in the National Assembly. The victory, which dramatically reshapes French politics, is particularly remarkable given that Macron’s party is just a year old and many of its elected representatives are new to government.

‘Cars 3’ Roars Past ‘Wonder Woman’ To Finish At The Top Of The Box Office

LOS ANGELES ( – This weekend featured a heated race between four new films that opened in wide release. As of Sunday morning, it appears some have fared better than others. The big winner is Disney and Pixar’s “Cars 3,” which is speeding to $53.5 million from 4,256 locations, putting it in first place.

Jay Z Also Gives Birth — To New Album ‘4:44’

Congratulations Jay Z, it’s a new album! On the heels of wife Beyonce delivering twins, the rapper’s streaming service announced Sunday he will be releasing a new album on June 30. At first it will be available “exclusively” to customers of Jay Z’s Tidal service and Sprint, to which he sold a share of Tidal in January.

Google Launches Effort To Remove Extremist Content From YouTube

(Reuters) – Alphabet Inc’s Google will implement more measures to identify and remove terrorist or violent extremist content on its video-sharing platform YouTube, the company said in a blog post on Sunday.

Wonder Woman Inspires Wild Sword-In-The-Dress Memes

Wonder Woman knows that a sword tucked carefully down the back of a dress can come in handy. Now apparently lots of other women are imagining what that honed steel could do. Women and girls are popping up for photos on social media with some facsimile of Diana Prince’s handy-dandy sword – known as the ” God killer ” – slipped down the back of their dresses.

Why people are calling on ‘clean-shaven white men’ to condemn London mosque attack

An incident near Finsbury Park Mosque in London in which a man died and 10 people were injured after a man drove a van into worshippers is being treated as a “terrorist attack,” Met Police confirmed.

J.K. Rowling made a huge correction to this ‘Daily Mail’ headline

Just after midnight on Monday morning, a man drove a van into a crowd of Muslim worshippers outside Finsbury Park Mosque in London. Ten people are injured and one man is dead, the BBC reports, and counter-terrorism officers are in attendance. For awhile after the attack happened, though, some news headlines weren’t mentioning the word “terrorism”.

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