Vera Sidika Talks Plans to Get Bigger B**bs and a Baby Before Age 30

May 29, 2017

Having recently launched her beauty brand, Veetox Herbal Tea, Vera Sidika is taking on a new path as a luxurious business brand and leaving behind the “socialite” brand that propelled her to stardom.

In a recent candid interview, the former Video Vixen spoke about her new business venture, plans to have a baby befre 30, and changing her image, including getting her breasts redone for a bigger size.

Many celebrities are all about beauty brands. Why did you think of coming up with a tea brand?

Vera Sidika: The Veetox tea brand is actually a beauty brand as it is an herbal detox product that helps burn extra stomach fat helping ladies to get a flat tummy. It contains agents that increase metabolism leading to the loss of fat. It is going for Sh3,000.

You had another brand to do with hair. What happened to that? Did you close down the shop?

I had to put that on hold because of my busy schedules but I shall get it back on line.

What have you been up to…I mean, you have been out of the limelight…?

A lot of stuff has changed in my life. Like I stopped the whole video vixen thing. I am changing my image and I feel that it’s time to advance to other things in life.

That too has to do with social media and the kind of crazy photos you used to post

The point is that I was just a girl doing the kind of things girls do. Like you know I did a lot of traveling across the world and that is what life offered then. The videos I did and the appearances I did got me a name and big numbers on social media and it is these numbers that I am turning into business. People like me for different reasons. Some just want to talk about my hips and boobs. Others just want to know how I maintain my looks. Others are about business.

Are you saying we will not see Vera the socialite anymore?

Vera is a luxurious business brand and it is all about high-end customers. I mean, the club appearance thing here does not pay as much as it is in other places where I get paid up to half a million shillings. I’m simply saying that I can no longer be that hyper girl flying to three cities every week. I am now 27 years old and taking life more seriously.

Besides making appearances, how do you make your money?

People have all kind of ideas on how I make money. I do consult for interior design and I have big clients in Nigeria and Europe as well as back here at home.

Do you have any regrets about the path you took?

Not really. People are still talking about my boob job and all. I am in fact getting them redone as I feel that they are small.

Are you saying you want bigger boobs?

It has been three years now and I feel that I should get 800cc implants. These ones are 450cc. I am going to Miami to get them fixed. I mean, they are not cheap like those the ‚other ‘girl’ got and then they started falling. I want to keep this sexy thing going on way past 30 years.

You are talking about age a lot… is there anything else you could be having in mind?

I am getting a baby before I turn 30. Now, that is your scoop.  I want to get a baby before I am too old then get my sexy body back.

Does that mean there is a man in your life?

I am not the kind that believes in marriage. Honestly, I don‘t need a man to get a baby. I don’t think relationships are made for people like me. I have been proposed to twice, once by a very prominent personality but that is not my thing. Every time I try to date I stay like three months and it doesn‘t work so I kind of stopped going that emotional way. I mean, I don‘t want to have 100 divorces and be branded heartbreaker.

Are you saying you will get a sperm donor?

Sperm banks are here with us and there is nothing wrong with taking that route.

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