Ringtone: Groove Awards are Hypocrites and Have Run Out of Ideas

May 30, 2017

Gospel singer Alex Apoko better known as Ringtone has bashed organisers of Groove Awards describing them as hypocrites for the singer missing out on the annual awards.

For the longest time now, the outspoken singer has not earned a nomination and Ringtone thinks he is hated.

“Do you know why they hate me? Very simple, when Pamela was a hit, Daddy Owen won five awards. I feel bad because I am a human being and I think Pamela should have won,” said Ringtone as quoted by Word Is.

He went on to add: “I have never won a Groove award. That’s not fair because they are hypocrites. I would like to tell Groove Awards they have run out of ideas. To be honest, Groove is gone.”

Responding to the claims, Groove Awards founder Kevin Mulei said the criteria for nominations “has been quite clear and consistent over the years, so we aren’t quite clear on where this sentiment breeds from.

The panel is open and ready to meet any industry player to discuss any matters touching on them and the nomination process.”

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