A woman was on Wednesday charged with committing an indecent act with a minor after she was caught on CCTV allegedly placing the head of a seven-month-old baby between her thighs.

Jael Nasimiyu denied the charge before Kibera Chief Magistrate Joyce Gandani.

Nasimiyu, who was hired last Saturday by a mother of one, is alleged to have committed the sickening act on May 8 in Nairobi’s South C estate.

The court heard that she intentionally and unlawfully made the baby touch her private parts by forcing the naked child’s head between her legs.

According to the police, Nasimiyu’s employer said she noticed her baby was not okay as she cried continuously.

It was then that she decided to check CCTV recordings and was shocked to discover Nasimiyu’s indecent acts including undressing in front of the minor, police said.

The footage also caught Nasimiyu taking nude photos on a chair while holding the baby and repeatedly putting the child’s head between her thighs.

“The mother confronted her asking why she did the cruel act. She denied this until the video was played,” an officer said as quoted by The Star.

The baby’s parents alerted their security guard who handed the accused over to the police.

Magistrate Gandani ordered the accused to pay a Sh300,000 bond and directed the prosecution to supply the court with copies of all witness statements which will be used in the trial.

The case will be heard on July 5.