Linda Shuma: Kenyans Cannot Stop Making Fun of Hassan Omar’s Running mate with a Funny Name

May 23, 2017
Linda Shuma (Left)

First and foremost, it is Linda Shuma… not linda shuma. Okay, that was stolen.

Mombasa Senator Hassan Omar yesterday settled on hotelier Linda Mariwa Shuma, 39, to be his running mate in the race for Mombasa governor.

Ms Shuma is a businesslady who runs a catering business that deals mainly with corporate and social events. She is also the president of Lions Club Mombasa Bahari branch.

Hassan Omar expressed confidence in unseating governor Hassan Joho come August.

However, it turned out that Kenyans on social media were more concerned with her unusual name, and not what she will do for Mombasa. Some tweets were downright funny, and others quite offensive.

Here are a few of those.

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