‘What an Idiot of a Girlfriend you have’, Eric Omondi Told After his Fiancée Did This to Monkeys

May 5, 2017

We are not sure whether it is the cold weather or the price of Unga being at an all time high but you do no want to mess with Kenyans on social media right about now.

Lovebirds Eric Omondi and his Italian fiancée are the latest subjects of a fierce social media bashing after the comedian posted a seemingly harmless video on Instagram that has infuriated social media users.

The video shows the comedian’s fiancée Chantal Grazioli teasing monkeys with sweet bananas at an undisclosed animal enclosure.

The Italian beauty is heard chuckling as she toys with the monkeys behind an enclosed glass window.

Eric captioned the clip: Woiyeee @miss.chanty it’s enough give them woiyee??????????????????????????? Lakini wasikuzoe”

Woiyeee @miss.chanty it’s enough give them woiyee??????????????????????????? Lakini wasikuzoe

A post shared by Eric Omondi (@ericomondi) on

However, what the couple thought would be a funny clip to share with Omondi’s 1 million Instagram followers, backfired on them as Kenyans expressed their fury at Chantal’s actions.

We have sampled some reactions below:

skittahlop wrote: “Ata wewe utafanyiwa ivo na Mungu”

fabu_001: “Aki woiye”

rizteb: “Imagine you are hungry and some one is taunting you with food like that haki woishe kahurumie tu”

dantezkm: “Acha kutesa wanyama”

amdomar: “This is not funny ericko… shame on u”

mutaiangela: “This isn’t funny ??”

v.wambui: “Not funny”

chriss_egadwa: “Not fun plz mature enough, they are angry,why are apetizing them.”

edd_eddy13: “She should be arrested and charged ” Animal right activist”

seniornyambo: “Naona unacheza na cousin wako”

judykiman: “Surely …this is bad”

triz_cherorot: “This is heartbreaking-really? Sickening”

imnaomimurrey: “Not funny at all….”

fayguapa: “Not funny at all, what an idiot of a girlfriend you have. And you @ericomondi happy about it so sickening”

mmbandoa: “But why!?? ????? so she enjoyed? Real?? i can’t handle”

dickson.sang: “F*ck ,childish why do have to do that to innocent animal. I didn’t even finish watching that crap.”

mitchtenzie: “Acha ujinga.”

kigundu_kagambi: “Si poa man”

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