The Hottest Stories on the Internet Today (Thursday May 4)

May 4, 2017

Here are some of the stories making headlines today.

Robert Alai: Jubilee is Not Paying Me a Measly Sh200,000

Robert Alai has been receiving a lot of stick recently for his anti-Nasa stand. The blogger, who had for many years been one of Raila’s biggest supporters, even getting in trouble with the law for it, has in recent months switched sides and declared that Raila will never be President of Kenya.

Watch Chilling Video of Driver Running Over a Woman in Nairobi

A 45-second video has emerged on social media showing the spine-chilling moment a motorist ran over a woman seated on the sidewalk of a Nairobi street.

Heartwarming! Harvard Alumnus Takes Mother to Varsity 24 Years After Graduation Because She Missed Ceremony (PHOTOS)

A Kenyan Harvard alumnus is the darling of social media after taking his mother to the University two decades after she missed his graduation ceremony. One Chris Mburu took to Facebook last week Friday to share photos of the heartwarming trip.

House Republicans Weigh Another Health Care Amendment

WASHINGTON ― House GOP leaders, unable to find the votes for their health care bill simply by pressuring reluctant Republicans, are now considering changes that will win over moderates. House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.)

Suicide Bomb Blast Hits NATO Convoy In Kabul, Killing 8 Civilians

KABUL (Reuters) – A suicide bombing in the Afghan capital Kabul on Wednesday killed eight people and wounded at least 28, officials said, in an attack on a convoy of armored personnel carriers used by the NATO-led Resolute Support mission. The blast hit the NATO coalition convoy during the morning rush hour in one of the busiest areas of Kabul.

U.S. Senators Ask Trump To Stop Being Terrible For Women

WASHINGTON ― A hundred days after an unprecedented number of women around the world marched to protest President Donald Trump, 31 U.S. senators penned a letter asking him to cease his “despicable attacks” on women’s health and women’s rights. “Fears of attacks on women’s health and the fundamental rights so many women value led to this historic march,” Sen.

Jimmy Kimmel’s Humanity Underscores Heartlessness Of GOP’s Approach To The Poor

On Monday, Jimmy Kimmel, host of the late-night ABC talk show “Jimmy Kimmel Live!,” delivered a stirring monologue to open his show. With tears in his eyes, the host revealed that his wife had recently given birth to a beautiful baby boy. But soon after, a nurse realized there was something wrong.

The Most Brutal and Funniest Reactions to Trump Dumping Michelle Obama’s Girls Program

The Trump administration is shutting down Michelle Obama’s education initiative, “Let Girls Learn.” The program, started in 2015, was created to help aid girls through education in developing countries. CNN reports that though parts of the initiative will still go on, the title and program will be ending.

Melania Trump May Have Just Trolled Her Husband

First lady Melania Trump ― or whoever is running her account ― liked a tweet Tuesday that implied a chilly relationship between her and President Donald Trump.

Dash Cam Video Of Plane Crash Is Right Out Of A Movie

A dashboard camera captured the dramatic moment when a single-engine airplane clipped power lines and crashed onto a street in Washington state. Footage showed how the Piper PA-32 Cherokee Six rained fuel onto cars as it plummeted towards the Mukilteo Speedway inMukilteo on Tuesday afternoon.

Stephen Colbert Urges His Viewers To Go Watch Jimmy Kimmel

Stephen Colbert did something very unusual for a late-night talk show host: He urged his viewers to watch one of his rivals. “Last night was one of the rare times I did not just watch our show,” Colbert said on Tuesday. “I also watched our dear friend Jimmy Kimmel.”

Clinton, Trump can’t stop airing their grievances

America has two ex-candidates, the victorious Donald Trump and the vanquished Hillary Clinton who just can’t let it lie. In a stunning interview Tuesday, Clinton, the former Democratic nominee, vented her still raw emotions and blazing bitterness over her defeat by Trump — pointing to Russia and FBI Chief James Comey as the key drivers of her loss.

Brexit: U.K. says it won’t pay €100 billion divorce bill

U.K. Brexit Secretary David Davis poured cold water on the eye-popping exit cost that was floated Wednesday, saying that the final amount paid by the country will be much lower. “It’s gone from €50 billion, to €60 billion to €100 billion,” David Davis said during a radio interview.

India summons Pakistan official over army’s alleged mutilation of soldiers

In a statement Wednesday, India’s Ministry of External Affairs said the “foreign secretary conveyed India’s outrage at the killing and the barbaric act of mutilation of the bodies of two Indian soldiers on May 1.” Pakistan has repeatedly denied that its troops crossed the Line of Control (LOC) — the de-facto border between the two countries in Kashmir — or mutilated the soldiers.

UK royals seek $1.6 million over topless Kate photos

The trial began Tuesday in France for six people associated with Closer magazine and regional newspaper La Provence, the Press Association reported. The French magazine Closer is separate from the UK’s Closer magazine. The images showed the duchess sunbathing topless while on holiday in the South of France in 2012 in the couple’s private villa.

Apple to report earnings

Investors aren’t exactly looking for fireworks. Apple is expected to surpass the 51.2 million iPhones sold and $50.6 billion in revenue it posted in the same quarter a year ago, but not by much. Any growth this quarter would be welcome. A year ago, Apple reported its first ever decline in iPhone sales.

Funeral home refused to cremate gay man, lawsuit alleges

John “Jack” Zawadski, 82, and his nephew filed a lawsuit against the Picayune Funeral Home’s owners seeking damages for breach of contract and emotional distress. The lawsuit accuses them of backing out of a verbal agreement to provide final services for Zawadski’s husband, Robert Huskey, in May 2016 after discovering he was gay.

US military ending role in hunt for elusive African warlord Joseph Kony

Kony is wanted by the International Criminal Court for war crimes and he and his militia have been accused of killing thousands of civilians and abducting thousands of children during his decades-long insurgency in Uganda and neighboring countries.

How Cristiano Ronaldo has been transformed from winger to deadly No 9

Cristiano Ronaldo scored another Champions League hat-trick on Wednesday He was at the top of his game as he put Atletico Madrid to the sword in semi-final Ronaldo has developed into new central role and could play for years to come He has learned not to insist on playing in every game, saving himself for big ties ‘I don’t know who doubted me,’ said Cristiano Ronaldo.

Manchester United and Liverpool eye £30m Fabregas move

Cesc Fabregas is in demand after helping Chelsea top the Premier League The Spaniard has started only 10 league games this season but has still been key Yet Chelsea could still be prepared to let the 29-year-old leave in the summer Manchester United, led by former boss Jose Mourinho, are among clubs keen Cesc Fabregas is being looked at by Manchester United and Liverpool with Chelsea prepared to slap a £30million asking price on the midfielder if they are to sell to a Premier League rival.

Cristiano Ronaldo asks fans to stop whistling him

Cristiano Ronaldo hit out at Real Madrid fans for whistling him after his stunning hat-trick against city rivals Atletico put them on the verge of another Champions League final. The Portuguese is a hero to the majority of Real supporters, but a section of the Bernabeu crowd continue to whistle whenever he touches the ball in certain matches.

Why does Gerard Pique has Real Madrid shirt in his house?

Gerard Pique regularly torments Real Madrid both on and off the pitch Barcelona star has been at heart of intense rivalry between both clubs James Rodriguez’s wife Daniela Ospina revealed there is Real shirt in his house She met Pique’s wife Shakira and son Milan as youngster admitted owning shirt If you were to pick one player who would erupt at the sight of Real Madrid regalia in his house, it would probably be Gerard Pique.

Um guys, did Melania Trump just brutally troll her husband on Twitter?

Sometimes, a subtle ‘like’ is all it takes to expertly troll sometimes. And sometimes, an accidental ‘like’ can send someone into a regret spiral so deep, they may never claw out. It’s unknown if either hypothetical scenario relates to the potential sh*tstorm just kicked off by Melania Trump on Twitter, but DAMN.

This is the most British picture ever taken

If there’s one thing that British people are universally renowned for is that process of forming an orderly and polite line, also known as “queuing.” Britons believe they’re the best in the world in queuing and there’s a whole mythology, style, form, and code of conduct related to patiently, wordlessly standing in a long line.

A woman filmed her driver’s obscene harassment, but she ended up in jail

A Chinese woman, horrified to find her ride-sharing driver masturbating at the wheel, filmed him as evidence. But unexpectedly, the woman ended up being held in police custody for three days. The incident occurred in Shengzhou, eastern China on Apr. 23. Chinese reports say the woman, surnamed Wang, got into a car she hailed via the Didi Chuxing app.

Japan’s new ultra-luxurious train is here, and tickets cost $10,000 each

Now here’s what it really means to travel in style. Equipped with a full bar, two-storey suites, and bathtubs made from cypress trees, JR East’s Shiki-Shima luxury sleeper train might just be the fanciest way to travel – at the hefty price of nearly $10,000 per ticket.

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