This is What Happened When Ruto Met Kabogo in the Corridors of Royal Media Studios

May 17, 2017

Well, nothing.

They shaked hands, posed for the camera and exchanged a few words.

The Kiambu governor has come just short of blaming Deputy President William Ruto for rigging him out of the Kiambu gubernatorial race.

In his famous ‘concession’ speech on nomination night, Kabogo blamed top people at Jubilee who were not comfortable with somethings he may have said. Everyone interpreted it to mean Ruto, since Kabogo has in the past said something in regard to Central votes not being automatic for Ruto in 2022.

Kabogo continued to make similar claims, including this week when he announced his independent candidature. He said that he personally informed Ruto of planned malpractice in some polling stations, but the party did nothing.

Now last night, whether by coincidence or design, the two were being hosted in the same premises. Kabogo was scheduled to be interviewed on Inooro TV, while Anne Kiguta was hosting Ruto on The Big Question.

Watch that Interview.

From pictures posted by Kabogo on Facebook, the two were quite happy to see each other.

”Just bumped into my friend H.E William Samoei Ruto at Royal Media studio ahead of my interview with Inooro TV shortly. Stay Tuned.” he wrote.

Some photos.

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