Daddy Owen: What I Think About Willy Paul and Bahati Being Snubbed by Groove

May 11, 2017

Award-winning gospel musician Daddy Owen has voiced his opinion on the recent snub of Willy Paul and Bahati by Groove Awards.

The two “gospel”artists have been snubbed for the second time in a row, illustrating once again that they are not up to the standards of true gospel music.

According to Daddy Owen, there could be a number of reasons why the former big winners at previous Groove Awards have been locked out.

“Maybe this was their plan all along, not to be caught in Groove Awards, or they are changing what they are doing, or they feel that they are right and other people are wrong,” he said.

He further noted that true gospel music contributes to an artist’s longevity in the industry.

“The difference is if you do true gospel music, you’re always there, longevity, no one can beat you on that,” he added, citing Mercy Masika.

He concluded: “Let people judge you on your content and not sideshows because they are very expensive, and one day they will work against you and people will never believe you. You can’t maintain or sustain your career with sideshows. That’s the problem.”

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