Ex-Vitimbi Actress Nyasuguta Reveals Why She Vowed to Remain Single and Conditions a Man Must Meet to Date her

May 11, 2017

Former ‘Vitimbi’ actress Eunice Wambui popularly known as Nyasuguta is single due to fear of being physically abused by her partner.

The actress turned politician says she witnessed a violent relationship between her dad and mum, which informed her decision to keep off relationships.

“My mother has been more of a single parent to me because my dad left our home when I was still young. My mother’s experience in marriage made me vow to keep off relationships. I love being alone. But the violent relationship between mum and dad fueled my decision to keep away from men, who express interest in dating me. I fear being battered,” Nyasuguta said as quoted by eDaily.

“It was tormenting to see my mother being beaten up by my dad. Worse still, having to cover up information about my parents’ fight to my fellow children, who would hear my mum’s screams; explaining to them what had transpired was difficult!”

The Embakasi South Parliamentary aspirant is however changing her resolve on dating as days go by.

She has outlined some of the conditions a potential partner must meet to be with her.

“I do not like a talkative man. He would easily turn me off. I wouldn’t want to date a man who blends so quickly with my female friends. I revere a calm person,” says Nyasuguta.

“I am very jealous. For instance, when we are hanging out with my friends, my guy should never stare at them (female friends). If he dares do that, I would walk away from the date.”

She is also open to the idea of being in a polygamous marriage as long as she is the first wife.

“I love attention. So long as I am wife number one; well taken care of; and never lacks, I don’t care if my man marries other women after me. Mimi niko fiti. He shouldn’t contract sexually transmitted diseases from other women though. I fear STIs,” says Nyasuguta.

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